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Ever since the Gulf oil spill investigation started, there has been a cold war between British Petroleum and Transocean, the Deepwater Horizon oil rig’s owner. BP had released a self-serving report that held Transocean responsible for the Gulf of Mexico disaster. However, Transocean’s spokesperson denied the report saying that BP’s self-serving report simply blames the rig owner, while concealing the fact that the actual fault was with BP’s well design. In condemn to the BP’s self-serving report, a report was released by Transocean on 22nd June, 2011. This report was prepared by an internal investigation team comprising of experts who came from many technical fields. According to the Transocean report, BP failed in assessing, managing,... (more...)

Alessandro Preston on August - 1 - 2011
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The demand for oil and gas is constantly on the rise. It would not be an exaggeration to say that, this fact has jeopardized the safety of environment in many ways. Here’s a classic example of how the increasing oil needs is proving hazardous to our environment. To meet the energy needs of the country, the governor of Alaska has offered new drilling leases near the Beaufort Sea covering about 14.7 million acres. However, our concern lies in the safety of the resource-rich Arctic National Wildlife Refuge that is located nearby. Drilling in this wildlife sanctuary has been an uncertainty ever since the issue arose. Despite the seriousness, this issue was more of a political tool for both the Democrats and Republicans for a very long time. Finally,... (more...)

Alessandro Preston on July - 19 - 2011
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Spring Cleanup If you’ve always forgotten to include your kitchen in your spring cleanup endeavor, then you can’t afford to forget it once again. This time, start with your kitchen! The first thing you’ll have to do is throw away all canned foods, spices, and other bottled items that are tagged with a long gone expiry date. Then, with the rest of the items, start your dusting, mopping and arranging. While you carry out spring cleanup of your kitchen, you’ll come across oil spills a hundred times! You can chuck out any other spill with ease, but not an oil spill. It calls for expertise. Here’s how you can do it! Firstly, it is necessary to clean up the spill right away. If you let the spill sit for long, then it will become even more... (more...)

Alessandro Preston on April - 28 - 2011
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Cleaning clogged drains Do you pour oily waste and used cooking oil just like that into the kitchen sink? Then, think twice before doing it as cleaning clogged drains can be a pretty tough job. Dumping greasy substances into the sink forms lumps in the pipe, which can lead to blocking of the kitchen drain. Back flow of filthy water, sudden spread of obnoxious odor, and unhygienic surroundings resulting from the clogged drain can create an unpleasant feel in your kitchen. Wondering how oil wastes can prove to be so hazardous? You might think that oily fluid runs through the pipe just as water does, rather slowly. However, the fact is that oil wastes solidify inside the drain pipe and form clogs by gathering food particles, and other solid dirt... (more...)

Alessandro Preston on April - 28 - 2011
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In the past few decades, cities have expanded and infrastructure improved to accommodate an expanding population. Such urbanization creates a cause of concern if not planned adequately, especially when it comes to oil spills that are likely to occur on pavements. Oil leakage is almost inevitable along the road or at the parking lot. Then, with the next spell of rain, the spilt oil and the other pollutants are washed off into the seas or the nearest water body. What makes it an issue worth attention is, oil and water are immiscible, which means when the oil spill is washed, it forms a layer on top of the water. This layer soon turns into a scum, which clogs the waterways and has detrimental effects on the local flora and fauna. Oil Spill Remover Not... (more...)

Alessandro Preston on March - 31 - 2011
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Every now and then we hear of ocean oil spills and the related environmental issues. The oil spills may be a result of leaking oil tanker or a gushing oil rig. But, more often than not, one of the main causes for marine pollution is simple carelessness at home with respect to oil spills! Now, if you were of the opinion that only ocean oil spills are dangerous, then you do need to reconsider! Oil spills at home whether large or small all the chances of getting nasty and causing lot of concerns. These spills can not only affect the individual, but can also play havoc with the natural surroundings for miles around. Oil spill at home can occur from many causes, and one of a major source is heating oil spills. You may overfill the tank or there... (more...)

Alessandro Preston on March - 28 - 2011
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It’s great that people have turned conscious about the devastating effects of oil spills and have started reacting to it instantly. But at times, the remediation measures that we adopt to counter oil spills turn out to be really worse than the oil spill itself. And this is what has happened in the case of BP oil spill, which took the headlines last year! What do you think happens to the chemical dispersants that most of us resort to, when we come across an oil spill? Just vanishes away? Not really! The chemical oil dispersants that we use for oil spill cleanup reaches the atmosphere and turns into toxic rain. Alarming, isn’t it? Well, Corexit 9500, which has been banned for use in Europe, is what was used to deal with the BP spill. This... (more...)

Your home’s driveway can turn out to look very ugly if you neglect it. To give it a makeover, start by doing away with pesky weeds. Pull them out or saturate them by pouring warm water and salt on them. Then fill up cracks with salt and bid adieu to them! The next step is to treat those persistent oil spills on the driveway. The driveway is always prone to oil spills and oil stains due to leakages and careless refilling. These oil stains don’t just mar the appearance of your driveway, but also pose a health hazard to kids playing on it. Remove oil stains from driveways by using oil stain removal techniques. You can choose to go for a quality oil stain remover. These products require minimal scrubbing and easily absorb driveway oil stains.... (more...)

Alessandro Preston on February - 16 - 2011
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Conserving energy in your home not only reduces pollution but also decreases your cost of living. You can save our natural resources from further depletion by consuming less energy at your home. Even a small change in your household can help our environment to a significant extent. Energy-efficient homes are truly the need of the hour. Saving energy at home does not require a great effort from you; it can be done by simply minimizing the use of exhaustible sources of energy like fuel, electricity, water, gas, and oil. Most of the energy-efficient methods reduce the release of carbon dioxide, which is the major pollutant leading to global warming. Here are some easy but effective ways to save energy at your home: •Most of us often forget... (more...)

Alessandro Preston on November - 17 - 2010
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Pollution is the major problem for all the inhabitants of the world. Industrial revolution happened in the world without the vision of its environmental impact and it led to air, water, and land pollution. Oil when mixed with water can cause severe effects and it is one of the worst polluting agents, which can destroy the eco-system in both costal land and water. Source of oil pollutants include: 1) Used Engine-Oil runoff to rivers and oceans 2) Maintenance of ships and boats 3) Natural seepage from oil beds 4) Leakage during Oil-wells drilling 5) Big Spill disaster from ships and petrol carriers As per the 1995 statistics, per year 2,607 Million tons of Oil had released into the environment. This data had not included oil-spills from India... (more...)

Alessandro Preston on November - 16 - 2010
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